MotionBuilder 2012: Mirror Animation

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to mirror animation using MotionBuilder 2012.

First, select the take you want to mirror, then create a new take and click Yes when the message box pops up that says, “Copy the data from the current take to the new take.”

step01 - create new take
Double click the character node in the Navigator and under the Character Settings tab check Mirror Animation and change CharacterSolverSelector to MB Character Solver.

step02 - mirrorAnim and solver
Now Bake(plot) To Skeleton then Bake(plot) To Rig.
(If you use Plot All (All Properties) under Key Controls instead of Bake(plot) To Skeleton then make sure the character’s Control Rig is unchecked.)

step03 - plot to skeleton and rig
After doing the above steps my character rotates in the Y axis by 180. If something like that happens to you then do the following to turn him/her/it back around:

Select the Reference control, delete its key frames, uncheck Mirror Animation, and set its rotateY to 180. (If you need the key frames on the Reference control then you’ll need to rotate the Y axis by 180 on the key frames instead.)

step04 - rotate character

At this point you could leave the Reference control with a value of 180 for its rotateY, but if you want to zero out its rotations then Bake(plot) To Skeleton and set its rotate X, Y, and Z back to zero. Then do Bake(plot) To Rig one more time and you’ll have a character with mirrored animation and the Reference control will have zeroed out rotations.


So those are the manual steps if you want to mirror an animation, but I created a script that will automatically do all those steps for you. You can download it here:

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